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a pallet of leisure activities on European estates

This website gives an overview of the many interesting things you can do on several European Estates, all members of Friends of the Countryside and/or members of the European Historic Houses Association. Think of a short stay in a B&B, small hotel or an inn, a longer stay in a cosy cottage, a luncheon, supper or even a wedding; sports like canoeing, sailing, swimming or golf. Quite a few estates have their own produce, such as wine, fruits and vegetables.
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The Estates


Valle Escondido

The estate In the Northwest of Argentina you will find the hidden treasure that is Valle Escondido. The 12,500 hectares of nature and wildlife give you the opportunity to get a real taste of freedom a…
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Kinský dal Borgo

The Estate Kinský dal Borgo in the Czech Republic is a very interesting estate with many different features. Firstly, they are producers of timber and oak flooring. They manage over 7000 hectares of f…
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The Estate Ciguiñuelas is a beautiful rustic estate with a house comprising 1500 m2. Some of the gardens are designed in the local style, allowing you to relax and unwind. The estate has an extensive …
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Landgoed Vilsteren

The Estate The Vilsteren Estate and village are situated on the southern bank of the river Vecht. The main building of the Estate, Huis Vilsteren, was built by the architect Eduard Cuypers in 1906 on …
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Castello di Bagnolo

The Estate The property around the fortress Castello Malingri is about 1000 years old with a forest, vineyards, fields and meadows and a well preserved landscape. Nowadays there remain some charming s…
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Marsovy Chody Estate

The Estate The estate is situated in West Bohemia approximately 20 kilometres across the Bavarian border close to the historical city of Tachov.  The estate was established in 1997 when Anthony van Es…
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