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a pallet of leisure activities on European estates

This website gives an overview of the many interesting things you can do on several European Estates, all members of Friends of the Countryside and/or members of the European Historic Houses Association. Think of a short stay in a B&B, small hotel or an inn, a longer stay in a cosy cottage, a luncheon, supper or even a wedding; sports like canoeing, sailing, swimming or golf. Quite a few estates have their own produce, such as wine, fruits and vegetables.
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The Estates

St. Hubertus 3

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

The Estate De Hoge Veluwe National Park is located on land owned privately by an independent Foundation. The Foundation is only entitled to a limited amount of Government funding and is therefore almo…
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The Estate Twickel Castle, near Delden, is located, for almost seven centuries in the middle of a beautiful estate, reaching out over five parishes. The estate in the East of the Netherlands, near the…
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Landgoed Vilsteren

The Estate The Vilsteren Estate and village are situated on the southern bank of the river Vecht. The main building of the Estate, Huis Vilsteren, was built by the architect Eduard Cuypers in 1906 on …
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Landgoed 9

Torre a Cona

The Estate In the heart of Chianti, just 10 kilometres from Florence stands the magnificent estate of Torre a Cona, dominated by its monumental 18th century villa, property of Count Rossi of Montelera…
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Kinský dal Borgo

The Estate Kinský dal Borgo in the Czech Republic is a very interesting estate with many different features. Firstly, they are producers of timber and oak flooring. They manage over 7000 hectares of f…
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The Estate In 1789, with the death of Robert van Hambroeck, the house became uninhabited. It was rented out for a few years. In 1804 the house was sold and demolished. The only reminder of the once so…
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