Chateau Botevo - Sliven - Bulgaria

to eat & drink

After you have enjoyed your meal at Chateau Botevo’s restaurant, the winery gives you the opportunity to go wine tasting while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the vine yards. 


Silver award for Chateau Botevo 


One of the popular wines of Chateau Botevo is the Staven Rosé 2017. This wine has been produced from the varietals of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Fran and Cabernet Sauvignon using ‘white technology’. The grapes are gathered and fermented separately. It carries a freshness, and tender fruit fragrance of red fruit, raspberries and black cherries but at the same time you can feel the consistency and roundness of the taste. It is a wine, which breaks the stereotypes for rosé. 


At the national rosé wine competition, ‘Golden Kilix’, which took place at the rosé wine festival, the Staven Rosé 2017 of Chateau Botevo was awarded a silver medal. The rosé wine festival and the national rosé wine competition, ‘Golden Kilix’, are an integral part of the wine culture in Bulgaria and is the only competition in the country for Balkan rosé wines. 


Staven Rosé 2017 rewarded with silver at the Rose Wine festival