Kinský dal Borgo - Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

to get together

Karlova Koruna Castle and Hotel Obora Kinský are beautiful location for weddings,
anniversaries and family gatherings. The estate can offer cultural activities and catering inside
or right next to the castle. Kost Castle is also a good location for different types of private or
corporate gatherings. Activities which can be organised on site include cultural tours of the
castle, horse-riding, medieval theatre and tournaments. Catering is also available on site.

Hotel Obora is the perfect location for a wide variety of gatherings. It is immersed in nature,
has a private location, beautiful views and offers various activities including claypigeon-
shooting, animal watching, excursions on horsebacks, hunting, mushroom picking, etc.

The Luhy area is more suitable for informal gatherings such as barbecues and anniversaries.

It is also possible to have your wedding at the beautiful Kinský estate or to organise company
events or educational events for children and families.

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Conferences, seminars and team building events can be held in nearly all locations. Exclusive
corporate dinners can also be arranged at Karlova Koruna chateau and Kost Castle. The Obora Kinský
Lodge is the ideal place to have a relaxing but active retreat with colleagues, or to organise an annual
company event. It is also possible to arrange courses including personal management and
development with horses.

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This beautiful estate is the perfect place for celebrations and meetings