Kinský dal Borgo - Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

to sleep

Having enjoyed the many activities available on this diverse estate, it is also possible to book an overnight stay at the Kinský estate! The estate offers a hotel with bed & breakfast and 2 apartments where you can rest after hunting or relax after a wedding day.


Hotel Obora Kinský

Hotel Obora Kinský was built in the 1950’s but the Kinský family rebuilt the hotel and
restaurant in 1994. Hotel Obora Kinský is approximately 10 km away from Castle Kruna. The
Kinský dal Borgo family has renovated the hotel and restaurant, maintaining a "hunting
lodge“ style. Here guests can taste traditional Czech cuisine, but also Italian dishes. Some of
the products offered come directly from the family estate such as game meat, mushrooms and
honey. There is also a claypigeon-shooting range, a recreational air gun shooting, archery and
rifle range. Swimming is possible only 10 km from the hotel at the sand lake or if you go 10
km in the other direction, you will find a swimming pool in the town of Chlumec nad
The facility is open for priváte events only and only upon prior reservation.


 Total hotel capacity is 50 beds
 Breakfast room
 Private bathrooms
 Fully equipped conference room for up to 70 people
 We organize team building events and bachelor parties
 Dogs allowed
 Laundry facility
 Smoke-free rooms available
 Wheelchair accessible in one of the apartments
 Wi-Fi
 Credit cards accepted

For more information about the hotel, please go to the website


Apartments at the Luhy hunting ground

Two apartments are situated at the Luhy pheasantry, where the Kinský dal Borgo Company
breed their own pheasants. This area is also famous for its ancient oak trees, some of which
have been declared cultural monuments of the Czech Republic. This location has recently
been renovated and is now equipped with an open barbecue-veranda and an indoor lodge
which can accommodate up to 80 seated guests. There are also two apartments on site where
up to 12 guests can enjoy a wonderful stay in the middle of the forest. The Luhy hunting
lodge is the perfect location for your wedding party, company event or event to celebrate that
special occasion with family and friends.
 2 apartments for 6 people each (12 beds in total)
 Kitchen equipment available
 Dogs allowed
 Smoke-free rooms available
 Credit cards accepted

For more information about the hotel, please go to the  website .


Private apartment at Kost castle

Kost Castle offers you a fully equipped apartment located in the residential part of Turnovská
gate. Kost Castle is situated in beautiful "Český Ráj" (Bohemian Paradise), about 18
kilometres from Jičín. The Castle is surrounded by romantic valleys, abundant tourist trails
and cycling paths, sandstone rocks and several ponds.



 4 persons (one double bed, two single beds)


 Fully equipped kitchen
 Stylish living room and bedroom
 Large bathroom with bathtub bidet and lavatory

Part of the apartment has a winter garden in the castle.

For more information about the hotel, please go to the website.




Hotel or Bed & Breakfast Obora Kinsky or a cosy apartment for your overnight stay