Golf du Château de Pallanne - Occitanie - France

Beautiful estate with a magnificent view of the Pyrenees

Golf du Château de Pallanne estate

Located in the heart of Gascony, in the southern department of Gers, the surrounding area of Golf du Château de Pallanne is truly beautiful. The castle and the golf course offer a magnificent view of the Pyrenees and the19 hectares lake.


History of Château de Pallanne

Château de Pallanne was built in the late 18th century, between 1780 and 1787, the same time the French Revolution began. Many large estates suffered during the revolution, however Château de Pallanne, in the picturesque village of Tillac, still remains and is nowadays one of the finest castles in the region.


Thanks to Mr. Huet, who bought the castle in 1976 and restored it for over 3 years, it is now one of the finest looking castles in the region. The castle, chapel, orangery and other annexes form a harmonious architectural complex, situated above the Mud valley.


Today the estate covers 70 hectares including a bed and breakfast, apartments, restaurant and a beautiful 18-hole golf course with amazing views of the Pyrenees.



Family de Broqueville

Since 2002 the de Broqueville family, whose origins come from Montfort in the Gers department, have owned Château de Pallanne. They had previously owned a golf course in Belgium for more than 30 years and this gave them a great opportunity to go back to their place of origin and expand the estate with a challenging golf course.