Schloss Lütetsburg - Lower Saxony - Germany

3 New Tree Houses for complete de-connection (and connection with nature!)

Experience nature up close - in exclusive, high-quality furnished tree houses in the middle of the forest landscape of Schloss Lütetsburg in East Frisia.

The three tree houses Voss (fox), Dacks (badger) and Reei (roe deer) offer a very special atmosphere. Thanks to a large sleeping gallery with a 180x200cm bed and a separate bedroom with a bunk bed (90x200cm each), our tree houses can be occupied by up to 4 people each.

Each tree house also has a shower room, a cloakroom and a cozy living and dining room with a built-in kitchen. Through the large panoramic window you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the wide, well-tended landscape of the near-natural golf course Schloss Lütetsburg.

Enjoy nature on the sundeck and let your mind wander. The location of the tree houses in absolute quiet. So calm that deer, foxes and other forest animals come up close to the tree houses at night.

Wi-Fi and TV are available, but actually, the view is more than enough! You decide!



Photos ©Frederike Hegner