Camugliano - Pisa - Italy

a place where everything is preserved with passion

Camugliano estate

The Camugliano estate consists of a hunting reserve, fields and woodland, which are used for organic farming and the production of cereals, oil and wine. Some of the old farmhouses, which are surrounded by nature have been carefully restored and transformed into holiday villas and a locanda (an inn), offering traditional dishes prepared with products from the estate’s vegetable gardens. Pheasants, wild boars, deer and foxes inhabit and roam freely on the property. From the 1600s this land has stayed the same and it remains productive today. In line with the grandeur of the estates’ history, guests are welcome to stay in the Palazzo del Marchese di Camugliano, Villa Grillaia or Villa Casanova.


History of Camugliano

Camugliano, one of the most significant estates in Tuscany, has been in possession of the Niccolini family since 1634. As a result, both Camugliano and the Niccolini family are heavily connected. The majestic estate was founded by Allessandro de Medici, who was the last member of the famous family to rule Florence (1531-1537). As part of the expansion policy of Duke Allessandro, this land was chosen for a grand agricultural residence. This estate actually had formed an entire village of labourers to keep it functioning as a farm, host site for soldiers, and a place of repose for voyaging dignitaries. According to British dictates, this estate is the only one practicing pheasant hunting in Italy.


Owner: Marchese N.L. Niccolini


Marchese Lorenzo has been holding the Camugliano estate since 1972, after which she was run for 16 years by grandma Lodovica. Now the important and delicate work of preservation continues with his wife Alessandra of Conti Marcello, an ancient family of Venice.


Manager: Signor Andrea Simoncini